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Faber is an italian well-known cooker hoods manufacturer, whose aim was becoming its sector's leader by 2020.

To do so, Faber needed to create new products, but most of all to develop a family-line concept on the existing ones. In fact, over the years the company delegated to different agencies the design of its products, with a consequent, negative impact on brand’s recognizability.

Starting from Faber’s brief, our designers and communication experts worked together in order to find the best solution for the company: by examining in details all the requests, we reached the conclusion that Faber’s main issue was not related to products, characterised both by high-quality workmanship and technology, but to communication, instead.

Despite holding lots of records indeed, the group did not even mention them in its communication tools, which were quite humbly and flat.

We shaped a new strategy based on the combination of branding and design, focused on balancing Faber’s investments between communication, products and innovation.
Our presentation contained three case histories of three renowned brands which enjoyed a new vogue thanks to a substantial renewal in their images. Taking the cue from this, we enhanced Faber’s over-60-years experience as one of the leaders in this field, studying its positioning on the market and the solutions to modify it, while our design team started developing new concepts to render all the existing products uniform.
Our strategy revolved around FTK – Eurocucina, Faber’s most important appointment at Salone del Mobile exhibition in Milan.

We wrote a new, institutional brand manual, which collected values, vision and mission of the group, its tone of voice and communication tools to define its new corporate image.
The main values associated with Faber were pragmatism, male rationality and decision. We labelled the brand pioneer, due to its innovative spirit, expertise and heritage background.
Taking these features into account, our team built all the communication tools of the company, such as catalogues, exhibition booth and websitemore specifically its creativity.
The study of its personality started from three different profiles, with related values and pay-offs, mounting three short movies to better visualize them. In addition, we created different mood boards with images, materials and colours, capable of telling the story of the identity we wanted to communicate.

Once the profile was set, our team focused on communication tools: the first one was the catalogue, which opened with an excursus on Faber’s history, adding value to its experience, patents and technologies, continuing with professional photographic settings, where hoods were contextualized.


Together with the creation of Faber’s new corporate image, our designers not only worked on innovative concepts, which could translate its values and ideas in a winning product portfolio, but it was also in charge of the entire artistic direction. In fact, many other design agencies and academic teams were selected for the same competition, working on the same project. Some examples are Politecnico di Milano, NABA (Rome) and Ancona Polidesign, along with other European design studios.

The main theme of all Faber’s new concepts and aesthetic lines was the combination of high-tech and highly tactile finishes: the fusion of such materials as cement, stone, metal, glass and the most advanced technologies creates an unexpected and high-impact product, according to contemporary tastes.

Among our design solutions, the most brilliant are:


The same cooker hood has been projected both in a vertical, wall version and an island one. It aims at the highest market share. Tower is characterised by immediacy and easiness of interaction, but what makes of this hood a state-of-art project is the possibility of connecting it to mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.
Through an app, the user will be able to connect his/her device to the cooker hood, accessing food blogs or recipes, which will be instantly projected onto the appliance.

Tower has also a voice control, which allows the user to cook without stopping to check if everything is right. Moreover, the hood can also communicate with the cooktop: at the right moment, it will automatically switch the burners on, control them and in the end switch them off.

Our digital department developed app and videos for “Tower” hood concept.


This hood has in its lower part a black display, where it will be possible to read recipes procedures, thanks to a hexagon-shaped, electromechanical control on its side for its on-switch.
Also this model, in silk-screened glass, can be customized according to user’s personal tastes.


A simple, cylindrical-based cooker hood. Its main feature is the faceting of its plated surface, which gives the opportunity of customizing finishes and materials. In fact, the user will be able to personalize a frame inserted in the lower part of the hood, according to home furnishings. This represents the very innovation of this model, making Corinthia the point of reference in this category.

Our team focused also on the sophisticated and cutting-edge detailing of hoods remote controls and interfaces, combining refined materials, such as steel, and touchscreen technology.
All the design concepts and the entire new image of Faber were showed at Eurocucina 2016, where our designers and branding experts coordinated the company’s booth creation. It resembled an industrial building, in contrast with 3D displays and high-tech video installations inside it. 

A quite good representation of Faber’s pioneering spirit and technological know-how.