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This project is the restyling of an Italian cycling icon of 70′s, the “Graziella”.
We have designed a modern bicycle with a new look, but still all the elements that characterized the “old” Graziella. 

To preserve the identity of original Graziella we maintained unaltered the geometries of the cycling of previous project that define its side view. We made a lot of brainstorming about rear rack. We found ourselves at the crossroads: modify one of the most distinctive shape because the old project no long works today or leave it as it was and look for a new technology solution? We decided to do both. While remaining GRAZIELLA ORIGINALE it has to be appreciated by all, young and old, even by those don’t remember the old model because he has not lived the glory of that product. We studied a structure, completely made of printed aluminum. This was the comment  to this decision inside the Sudio : “We must risk because Graziella belongs to all today but above all tomorrow. We cannot take the risk that will become something that belong to nostalgics of a past that no more exist”. So it was! 

With the idea to safeguard the link with the past we decided to underline some iconic elements. The bell has made of printed steel to be similar to the original but especially to ring the same “driiiinnnnn”. Thanks to aluminum injection, we got the logo embossed on the frame. The headlight has remained fix on chassis. The central hub was a strong characteristic element so that it has “created” a category. Graziella’s project must be based on suppleness of frame. Have been studied technical solutions, have been used material and components that would allow to reduce the weight looking to portability while maintaing the manouverability. All this wisdoms have permitted us to design (why not, re-invent) a product that can be at the same time evocative, contemporary and futuristic. A product which we hope can enter in history of design like its previous version.