design + engineering + branding ++


Our focus is the balance between creativity and constraints, art and engineering, development and product design, to create projects with both aesthetic and innovative value but always with an eye to the production process.

Interacting with engineering and branding people we assimilated their language, and this contamination is influencing our development process from the first steps to the delivery.

Working on products in the most diverse industries we master all acquired knowledges and use them across projects supplementing them with a touch coming from the heart.

  • Market research and analysis
  • Usability
  • UI/UX
  • Ergonomic topics
  • Trend and category mapping
  • Consumer segmentation
  • Design strategy
  • Styling
  • Concept generating
  • Design development
  • Prototype and modelling
  • 3D animation and visualization
  • Style guides
  • Design drivers


We built our expertise on the field.

Hundreds different projects and products we developed in the most diverse industries are the tangible result of 20 years spent aside the most innovative companies worldwide.

We can be a valid partner both to strengthen your team and to work in autonomy towards your objective.

  • Mechanical components design
  • Complete objects design
  • FEM simulations
  • Lab activities in climatic chamber
  • Structural analysis
  • Cost engineering consultancy
  • Product industrialization
  • Technological researches
  • Project/product optimization
  • Process optimization




We play Branding as a tool supporting the concept of industry.
Communication attends upon Design and Engineering to maximize the return on investments made and their profitability.

20 years spent alongside the most prestigious and successful Companies have enabled us to understand how communication and branding can help put on the market in an effective, efficient and profitable way the products we developed, designed and engineered.

  • Brand Identity
  • Naming
  • Visual image
  • Communication materials
  • Documentation
  • Strategic brand positioning
  • Exhibition booth
  • Showroom design
  • Photo/Video shooting 
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Social Media Marketing