Philos by MAZZER is one of Studio Volpi’s latest design projects in the field of high-end equipment for the balmy world of coffee.

MAZZER, with over 70 years of experience, is globally recognised for producing top-performing coffee equipment characterised by precision, reliability, and innovation. Philos represents MAZZER's incursion into the domestic market while upholding its legacy of excellence. Studio Volpi's role was pivotal in ensuring that the aesthetics of Philos not only met but exceeded the expectations of coffee enthusiasts and small-scale roasteries.



MAZZER tasked Studio Volpi with designing a compact coffee grinder that exuded quality and sophistication. The client emphasised the importance of maintaining MAZZER's reputation for precision engineering while infusing Philos with a sleek and modern aesthetic. Additionally, MAZZER sought to differentiate Philos from competitors by DESIGNING THE PERFECT GRIND highlighting its unique features with an innovative design. With these objectives in mind, Studio Volpi was given the freedom to explore creative design solutions that would elevate Philos to new heights.


Studio Volpi approached the project with the aim of seamlessly integrating aesthetics, functionality, and technological innovation. Leveraging their expertise in industrial design, the team meticulously crafted Philos’ “dress” to reflect superior quality and precision engineering. Premium materials like stainless steel were selected to convey durability and elegance, ensuring that Philos really stood out as a stunning design object, on top of its superior technological stance.

One of the standout design elements of Philos is its flipped cylinder, a departure from traditional coffee grinder designs. With the burrs positioned vertically within a horizontally oriented cylinder, Studio Volpi achieved a sleek and iconic look for Philos.

The mechanics are refined, and chrome parts have been added to embellish the appliance, which is available in two colours: the very elegant black and the Full Metal.

Additionally, Philos incorporates intuitive features such as an analogic interface and a magnetic dosing cup that make it easy and effortless to use. The manual dial for precision setting and adjustment provide a unique, physical yet highly technological user experience. The design also prioritises easy maintenance and cleaning, with accessible components and tool-free access to the grinding chamber.

Studio Volpi's design intervention has redefined the standards of excellence in coffee grinding technology. Philos exemplifies the successful marriage of form and function, setting a new benchmark for single dose coffee grinders. With its striking design and exceptional performance, Philos has earned widespread recognition from coffee aficionados and industry experts alike, winning the prestigious IF award, and cementing MAZZER's position as a leader in the coffee equipment market.

Images and video are kindly provided by MAZZER