• Prospettive Mar 25, 2020

    What entrepreneurs can learn from COVID-19 and its aftermath in China


    As an entrepreneur doing business in China with his company, CEO Gianmario Volpi shares some insights he have learned so far and gives some suggestion to face the changing we are living

  • News Mar 24, 2020

    No Country Is An Island, Entirely by Itself


    In today’s world, problems confronting us are all global challenges that no country can manage alone or stand aloof from.

  • Innovazione Mar 13, 2020

    How to innovate safety: Baby First child car seat won the IF Award 2020

    The partnership between Studio Volpi and Max-Inf is innovating safety: our latest project, the Baby First Rex R-542 baby car seat, won the IF Award in the Product Design category.

  • Innovazione Mar 11, 2020

    Safety First: Children on board

    When it comes to children, safety is a mandatory,  that's why when we created three baby car seats ranges for the company BabyFirst, "safety" had always been the main aspect and we developed the products accordingly

  • Prospettive Dec 19, 2019

    Il più bel regalo

    Quando mi chiedono cosa vorrei fare da grande, a parte l’astronauta, penso sempre che vorrei essere felice e fare quello che più mi piace.

  • Innovazione Dec 17, 2019

    Innovation Manager Certificate

    Studio Volpi professionists received the Certificate of recognition as Innovation Manager by MISE (Ministero Italiano dello Sviluppo Economico)

    The certificate follows the appointment of Studio Volpi managers as “Innovation Manager”, who were authorized by MISE to support SMEs and business networks on projects related to Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0

  • Innovazione Nov 29, 2019

    “Innovations and new technologies: current and expected applications”

    by Natalia Laskowska, Innovation Technology Specialist

    After attending at Virtuality 2019, the global event dedicated to VR, AR and MR, Studio Volpi’s Innovation Technology Specialist Natalia Laskowska tells what she discovered and learnt about the current and future applications of these technologies and explains how Studio Volpi uses them for the development of its projects.

  • News Nov 21, 2019

    Il Ministero dello Sviluppo nomina come Innovation Manager i professionisti di Studio Volpi

    Grazie alla nomina, i manager di Studio Volpi sono abilitati fornire consulenza alle Pmi e alle reti di impresa per lo sviluppo di progetti per una o più tecnologie previste al Piano nazionale di impresa 4.0

  • Innovazione Nov 15, 2019

    Design, UX e Psicologia: come nasce un progetto

    Avere un approccio multisciplinare è fondamentale nella fase di sviluppo di un progetto. In questo caso, la psicologia ha fornito un importante contributo per migliorare il prototipo di un innovativo dispositivo medico.