• Perspectives Apr 06, 2021


    The pandemic and the Chinese economic new start seen by Flavia Cusaro, managing director of Studio Volpi’s Shanghai Branch.

    Exactly one year after first reporting on the situation in China, when the country was slowly emerging from the Coronavirus crisis, Flavia Cusaro, managing director of Studio Volpi’s Shanghai branch, tells us about a blossoming Chinese economy and a society that seems to have gone back to “business as usual”. Almost, since there is one great absentee category in this idyllic picture: that of foreign visitors.

  • Perspectives Mar 25, 2021


    An interview to the leaders of Homa, the world’s largest exporter of refrigerators, and one of Studio Volpi’s most affectionate and longstanding clients.

  • Innovation Mar 08, 2021


    How 3D high-res imaging helped unveil one of the countless hidden gems of unknown Italy, and shed a new light on local tourism.

  • Perspectives Feb 10, 2021

    The Virtual Showroom: a prime instrument in a company’s marketing and communication toolkit

    Studio Volpi is now offering a whole new range of solutions to its clients to successfully adapt to the paradigms of new-normal, but also and foremost to help them grab the almost limitless opportunities this discipline brings about.

  • Work Jan 12, 2021


    No human being should be denied proper care because of a lack of medical devices. That’s the assumption that originated a unique project aimed at saving lives during the pandemic.

  • News Dec 22, 2020

    We will never forget this year | Christmas 020

    We will never forget this year. In 2020 so many things happened and changed the way we live, love, and also work. If this situation taught us anything, it is that - more than ever - we want to celebrate life and the beauty of the world we live in, made by people, emotions, gestures…

  • Innovation Dec 17, 2020

    Ratios, the future of airplane cabins

    A Team of three Italian companies is involved in rethinking commercial aircraft's interiors for the benefit of passengers. Funded by the Clean Sky 2 EU program, the project includes transversal overhead lockers, baggage spaces under the seats and automatic touchless toilets. It is all made to improve  space and comfort.

  • Perspectives Oct 26, 2020

    Integrate needs, skills, people and digital assets: a day in the life of a Digital Project Manager

    As projects involving the many skills we nurture at Studio Volpi, and many digital assets, require the presence of a Digital Project Manager to succeed, we discussed with our own expert Fabrizio Gagliardi to learn more about how to effectively develop a long-term project that integrates needs, skill.

  • Work Sep 24, 2020

    Proof of concept: how POCs can support the development of successful projects

    Did you know it’s possible to prove the feasibility of innovative ideas even prior the development of a prototype? Learn how the proof of concept is the easiest - and most cost-effective - solution to prove new solutions and innovative projects from the very early stages.