Winning the innovation game

About Studio Volpi

Founded in 1994, Studio Volpi is a global point of reference as a leading partner for companies seeking to implement a winning strategy through every stage of the industrial process.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach, we help create true, meaningful innovation that makes a difference, priding ourselves in a unique mix of pioneering, expertise and flawless execution.

Studio Volpi is an experts in design concepts, technology and innovation, UX and UI development, branding and communication.

Studio Volpi is a global leading partner for strategic projects in the design, engineering and branding fields.

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Over the years we enhanced our services thanks to a broaden network of trusted partners.

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Studio Volpi's core: a passionate and highly engaged team of professionals.

  • Gianmario Volpi


  • Manuela Ferrante

    Branding & Communication Director

  • Massimo Dell'Acqua

    Key Account Manager

  • Fabrizio Gagliardi

    Digital Project Manager

  • Federico Gallina

    Branding Manager

  • Paola Giambartolomei

    Legal and Finance Manager

  • Patrizio Cionfoli

    Director Design & Interaction

  • Ermanno Sala

    Sales Director

  • Stefano Binda

    Senior Engineer

  • Cristina Castiglioni

    Human Resources Manager

  • Carlo Xiang

    China Area Manager

  • Luca Cantorelli

    Senior Engineer

  • Davide Ronchi

    Technical Leader

  • Eric Loiseau

    Senior Designer

  • Erika Di Rocco

    Senior Multimedia Designer

  • Nikola Mitrovic

    Experience Design Director

  • Marco Binaghi

    Senior Designer

  • Giuseppe Savarese

    Engineering Designer

  • Stefano Ghionna

    Project Engineer

  • Matteo Turconi

    Senior Designer

  • Silvia Mazzon


  • Federica Mason

    Marketing Specialist

  • Chiara Grassano

    UX/UI Designer

  • Matteo De Paoli

    Engineering Designer

  • Arianna Marinoni

    Strategic Planner

  • Alice Pellizzon

    Senior Product Designer

  • Chiara Piccinelli

    Exe. Assistant & Accounting Specialist

  • Barbara Ferrazzi

    Project Manager

  • Jonathan Roschi

    Lab & Prototyping Junior

  • Pierre Ley

    Senior Copywriter

  • Giorgia Burlini

    Sales and Account Manager

  • Giulia Schiavulli

    Project Funding Specialist

  • Andrea Belloni

    Sales & Marketing Director

  • Andrea Valianti

    UX/UI Designer

  • Rodrigo Nasta

    Senior UX/UI Designer

  • Monica Vannucci

    Technology Manager

  • Beatrice Mazzucchelli

    Social Media Manager Jr.

  • Federica Bernasconi

    Administration & Accounting Specialist

  • Vittorio Fossati

  • Veronica Mazzucchi

    Admin & Executive Assistant Support

  • Eugenia Canepone

    Product Designer

  • Federica Mattiuzzo

    Junior Design Engineer

  • Philip Tsien

    Industrial designer

  • Kim Chen

    Industrial designer