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  • Innovazione Nov 15, 2019

    Design, UX e Psicologia: come nasce un progetto

    Avere un approccio multisciplinare è fondamentale nella fase di sviluppo di un progetto. In questo caso, la psicologia ha fornito un importante contributo per migliorare il prototipo di un innovativo dispositivo medico.

  • Innovazione Dec 17, 2019

    Innovation Manager Certificate

    Studio Volpi professionists received the Certificate of recognition as Innovation Manager by MISE (Ministero Italiano dello Sviluppo Economico)

    The certificate follows the appointment of Studio Volpi managers as “Innovation Manager”, who were authorized by MISE to support SMEs and business networks on projects related to Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0

  • Prospettive Mar 30, 2020


    Technological updating and the integration of an interconnected soul are turning modern professional kitchens into a perfect example of the 4.0 industry, where the product and its super digital powers become a tool to improve working conditions, enhance productivity, monitor the processes to achieve better results and create new business models

  • Innovazione May 20, 2020

    Immersive User Experience Toolbox presented at IxDA Interaction Week 2020

    User Experience Toolbox is a methodology and process developed by Studio Volpi's Interaction Design Team and Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore's Professor Andrea Gaggioli to employ VR as medium to perform user tasting, presented at Interaction Week 2020, the event organized by IxDA - Interaction Design Academy, the global community related to Interaction Design. 
    Here is the video of the presentation of User Experience Toolbox.


  • Prospettive Jun 16, 2020

    Think differently: insights on UX Design. An interview to Nikola Mitrovich, Lead UI Designer

    How is our “new reality” shaping the world we live in? Discover our point of view in a series of interviews to some of our talents.
    Let’s start with Nikola Mitrovic, Lead UI Designer. 

  • Prospettive Jul 20, 2020

    A brave new world: connectivity, IoT and new trends after a pandemic

    Connectivity, IoT and new trends after a pandemic: a conversation with our Lead UX Designer