Innovazione Dec 17, 2019

Innovation Manager Certificate

Studio Volpi professionists received the Certificate of recognition as Innovation Manager by MISE (Ministero Italiano dello Sviluppo Economico)

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Studio Volpi is proud to inform that seven of its professional profiles have received the Certificate of recognition as Innovation Manager provided by Ministero Italiano dello Sviluppo Economico (MISE), released by Osservatorio Imprenditoriale della Trasformazione Digitale as a digital badge.

The persons who have obtained the Certificate are:

Manuela Ferrante Innovation Director

Fabrizio Gagliardi Digital Manager

Marco Binaghi - Senior Designer

Alessandro Sala Senior UX Designer

Federico Gallina - Branding Manager

Nikola Mitrovic - Senior UI Designer

Alberto Castiglioni - Senior Engineer

The certificate follows the appointment of Studio Volpi managers as “Innovation Manager”, who were authorized by MISE to support SMEs and business networks on projects related to Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0. 

The official statements reports that they “meet criteria indicated in the Ministerial Decree 7 May 2019 “Voucher for consulting in innovation”, published in the Official Paper no. 152 of 1 July 2019” and that “have analytical and organizational skills to carry out the duties in the best possible way”.

Studio Volpi is happy and proud of having such professional figures in its company: they have showed great value and skills throughout the years , confirmed by the winning of several important awards and developing highly innovative projects, and above all they encouraged the company to become a global point of reference in the field of strategic innovation.