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  • Prospettive Apr 10, 2020

    From competitiveness culture to fully trust culture


    Gianmario Volpi, CEO, explains how in this special moment we have to learn that we don’t need to win every challenge on our own, but we deserve to build thriving partnerships and be happy.
    To “fully trust" will be the competitive asset we can build our future on.

  • Prospettive Apr 21, 2020

    Digital strategies for companies to overcome social distancing

    Social distancing and self-isolation have an impact on companies: face to face meetings are cancelled, tradeshows and events postponed. Luckily digital strategies can help to keep you relevant – and close – to your customers and clients.

  • Prospettive Apr 06, 2021


    The pandemic and the Chinese economic new start seen by Flavia Cusaro, managing director of Studio Volpi’s Shanghai Branch.

    Exactly one year after first reporting on the situation in China, when the country was slowly emerging from the Coronavirus crisis, Flavia Cusaro, managing director of Studio Volpi’s Shanghai branch, tells us about a blossoming Chinese economy and a society that seems to have gone back to “business as usual”. Almost, since there is one great absentee category in this idyllic picture: that of foreign visitors.