Digital Strategies: the WMF Case


Reach and engage professionals in the food and beverage industry through LinkedIn



Designed to perform

The first series of large-scale WMF Coffee Machines were manufactured in 1927 in Geislingen, Germany. The company has now many subsidiaries around the world and is part of the French Groupe Seb since 2016.

WMF Professional Coffee Machines is committed to offer a seamless premium experience by combining coffee excellence, reliable solutions and an unique service, setting developments in technology and digital innovation at the core of its business.




Formerly chosen as branding agency of the German Professional Coffee Machines producer, we have been entrusted with the creation of WMF PCM social media presence, to help growing the brand and driving leads and sales.



WMF PCM buyer personas are professionals in the food, beverage and hospitality industry, therefore we had to define the best social media platform to get in touch with the right audience.

As WMF PCM audience was very specific we also had to research the best content to engage with them and start conversations that would drive lead generation and sales.



Linkedin has been chosen as the preferred B2B channel for communication on Social Media.


Research and benchmark:

We run a consistent research on customers’ needs, pain points and interests in order to define valuable solutions for target groups.
A benchmarking activity with WMF PCM main competitors on Linkedin completed the overview on the Social Media channel.

Definition of a content calendar:

We implemented an editorial calendar to schedule the content workflow on a monthly basis, with at least 2 posts planned per week.
Moreover, content types, tags, hastags, links, images, videos and publish dates are specifically tracked.

A constant flow of content, monitoring and reporting is being exchanged between Studio Volpi and WMF PCM marketing team, to enhance the best outcome for the month.


In particolar, in order to scheduler’s content we used Hootsuite, a social media management platform.

WMF Professional Coffee Machines presence on Linkedin aims to build awareness around the brand, boost engagement to turn customers into advocates and increase conversions to drive leads and sales.


Content creation:

The key to a successful social media activity is to always create value for customers. In order to establish WMF PCM as a trusted source for Professional Coffee Machines and coffee related topic, each post provides a link to WMF PCM website, helping generate more traffic and website ranking on SERPS.

To define all the relevant topics to be spread on Linkedin, we involved 7 experts from 4 different departments of the company: products and technologies, digital competence, coffee excellence and service.

ADV Campaigns:

We planned with the support of WMF PCM marketing and digital marketing, Linkedin ADV campaigns - managed through Linkedin Campaign Manager - to boost the launch of specific products and technologies.

Support to subsidiaries:


We provided subsidiaries all over the world with guidelines about images and copy style, post structure and general best practices to manage their Linkedin page profile in line with WMF PCM approach.




In order to track the activities and value the success of the project, we created monthly reports aggregating data from LinkedIn Analytics and Hootsuite Analytics concerning engagement rates, impressions and clicks.

We also used Brandwatch to monitor WMF PCM reputation online and on social media.


Increase involvement through a consistent presence:

From July 2019 to February 2020 we have been regularly publishing content on WMF PCM Linkedin page, providing additional stories and supplementary support for special events, such as fairs or products launch.

In 8 months 2,400 users started following the page thanks to organic content only, with an average of 30% monthly growth.

Each post achieved an average of 2,400 organic impressions, with an engagement rate of 7%.

These results show how regularly sharing valuable content with specific call to actions, increases users’ and customers’ involvement on the page, which also eventually leads to more visits on website.



Community management manual:

The increasing growth of users’ interactions led to the creation of a community management manual to promptly respond to questions or remarks, and to discuss about empowering sales department presence on Linkedin.


Communicate values and setting trends:

The experience of WMF PCM on LinkedIn also proves how communicating messages around specific products, excellence, activities, latest industry news and trends, together with helpful knowledge and support, brings companies to be seen as trusted partners to rely on.