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Refrigerated displayers

Ciam - Refrigeration Design is the market leader for design products and cutting-edge technologies dedicated to bars, pastry shops, ice-cream parlors and restaurants.

Every month the firm’s excellence is selected for the realization of about 200 new premises in the Ho.Re.Ca. segment. The brand has always stood out for combining efficiency and innovation to highly technological and unique projects tailored to the market demand.


Top engineering in the name of design


Ciam wanted to upgrade the engineering of its round refrigerated displayers, designed by their Art Director, in line with the principle of promoting the products inside at 360 degrees. The range includes three displayers: table-top, free-standing and suspended. 

Engineering design for Ciam Nomastar Bellagio


Key words: easy assembly


The challenge for this project was to reconceive and improve the entire product engineering without changing Ciam’s original design. Planning of the lighted refrigerated displayers was dedicated to the opening, lighting and sound diffusion systems as well as assembly of the top covers (with customizable color and texture) and overall modularity. All these elements are key for the Ho.Re.Ca. segment as they effectively promote the products by combining multiple functions: state-of-the-art product display, image, light, and music.


The perfect mix of engineering and design


Our engineering team maintained the original design of the table-top and free-standing refrigerated displayers with the three plates extending from the three shell columns. 

This type of displayers required a lighting system able to enhance both design and functionality of all three versions: suspended, table-top and free-standing.

Renders of Engineering design for Ciam Nomastar Bellagio

We devised a unique solution in the product base: a two-beam led projecting light in both directions and enabling to easily assemble the multiple parts of the three models.

There's a one-off solution in the product base: a vertical two-beam projecting led light which would also enable to assemble the three-model multiple part more easily. 

Our team also redesigned the top dome of the suspended displayer with a linear and minimal restyling of the original, yet equally practical. The new design maintained the locking elements and the top grid of all models as well as the ventilation zones of the refrigeration system housing. Our engineers enhanced this zone to make room for a speaker to play music or promotional messages. 

In developing the project, we also worked on the displayer opening system. Studio Volpi’s team designed a long-lasting solution in line with the product positioning.

A thorough evaluation of the budget and spaces available was essential to improve Ciam’s original system: we combined a piston to pulleys with a minimized wire that keep the structure stable and prevent the glass from shifting, while two slides connected to the glass guide it for a noise-free opening.

Engineering design for Ciam Nomastar Bellagio at Host 2017

Our engineering contribution improved the product by enhancing its easiness of assembly, the key factor of every solution proposed, without affecting Ciam’s design.

The Nomastar Bellagio by Ciam was presented ad the Host fair in Milan, in 2017.

Engineering design for Ciam Nomastar Bellagio at Host Milan 2017