News May 24, 2018

Quarry Up: the Power of Experience - Special Jump In session

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Promote entrepreneurial projects based on innovation, creating a place where global companies, inventors, professionals, teachers, and researchers can meet to develop technologies and generate new businesses - that's the purpose of Quarry Up, our Innovation Hub.

• Innovation Garden: June 16th, TEDx Varese

One of the ways in which Quarry Up supports technological growth, in addition to hosting workshops and seminars, is by organizing meetups between our experts and the inventors, to listen to their projects and evaluate the technological and innovative level.

The next meetup will be in an exclusive location! On the occasion of TEDx Varese, Quarry Up will be present on the 16th June at Ville Ponti, in Varese.

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This special Jump In session - one of the ways that  Quarry Up uses to look for significant projects capable of anticipating the technological challenges of tomorrow - will be held from 2 pm to 7 pm, with a board of experts who will meet inventors, designers, and startups.

Read more about it on the Quarry Up website.