News Jan 07, 2019

A poker of good news / We won 4 Good Design Awards 2018

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Today, getting back into the office after the Christmas closure, we were greeted by wonderful news: four of our projects won a Good Design Award 2018.

It’s always a great honor for us to receive such recognition from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum, that every year since 1950 selects the most innovative and cutting-edge design projects.

Going from consumer products for childcare to professional appliances, and from a brand identity development to the design of an immersive showroom, this year’s awards best represent the multidisciplinary approach and the all-round competences we can leverage on at Studio Volpi.

Here’s a brief recap of the awarded projects:

SKIDO / Sliding into a new market


The high chair Skido we designed for Baby First is a perfect example of a product that combines a modern and highly identifying aesthetic with the Baby First brand identity, without forgetting an innovative component inserted in the sliding mechanism. 

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FAIST / Making a brand voice clearer


With more than 40 years of history in the automotive, energy, aerospace, and consumer products, even though it’s a global point of reference in its sector, Faist always had a brand communication on the modest side.

We took all the history and competencies into account while developing a new brand identity, communication materials, and brand platforms.

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HAGER / Brand experience at a whole new level


To boost even more Hager’s brand experience, we designed an immersive showroom with a wide range of features to satisfy the needs of such a big company: a timeline of the company’s growth, modular product displays, and a 7-meter long video wall.

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DUALLY / Beating the limits


With the Dually project, we had the opportunity to do a restyling on a classic semi-automatic professional coffee machine by Saeco.

During the project, we went from a restyling brief to an investment on usability and user experience that made this OEM product perfect for the ever more demanding requirements of today’s market.

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