News Mar 27, 2019

Red Dot Best of the Best 2019 / ACT.O professional oven

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We are very pleased to announce that the ACT.O professional oven, an outstanding project we worked on for Angelo Po, won a Red Dot Design Award 2019. Moreover, it was selected as Best of the Best in its category!

For the latest 60 years, the Red Dot Award has been the biggest recognition, as a guarantee of outstanding design quality.

«The work on ACT.O has been a very meticulous one. Dealing with a restyling project of a product with such a history is always a great challenge – says the Project Leader Massimo Battaglia, from the Studio Volpi Design Team. –   A professional kitchen is a very peculiar environment with very peculiar needs, and every chef needs a totally reliable companion for the creating process: ACT.O marks a clear line of demarcation with the products of the past both in technological terms and design language. In fact, it becomes the new benchmark in the field of a new generation of combined ovens and the Red Dot Award is the perfect recognition for such an innovative project.»

Red Dot Design Award 2019 Best of the Best