News Jul 12, 2019

Best of the Best - The awarding ceremony of the Red Dot Design Award

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After a competition that involved more than 5500 projects and 80 companies, we won the prestigious Red Dot Best of the Best Award alongside Angelo Po Grandi Cucine for the Act.o combined oven.

This great success follows the two Red Dot Product Design Award 2019 we have won: one for the Act.o, the other for the BONECO's F Series fans.
We already won the Red Dot Product Design Awards in 2018 with the Smart Car Seat R542 project of the Chinese company Max-inf and in 2012 for the Saeco vending machine "Carthego", but the recognition as Best of the Best is a special achievement that gives us the responsibility to keep doing our best in the way to demonstrate we are worth it.

During the awarding ceremony, that took place on July 8th at Aalto Theater in Essen, Germany, in front of more than 1200 guests, the founder and CEO of Red Dot, Professor Peter Zec, and Nils Toft, Managing director at Designidea, delivered the award to Glauca Vesperini, Brand and Mktg Manager of Angelo Po, and Studio Volpi representatives Patrizio Cionfoli, Massimo Battaglia  and Nikola Mitrovic.

The Jury’s statement reported that “Act.o fascinates with a user interface that has been carefully designed to the last detail. The highly functional control panel and the distinctive, ergonomically designed rotary knob offer a new, direct approach towards interaction. The entire interface is simple and highly self-explanatory. Act.o promotes professionalism at first glance and lends efficiency and lightness to the work processes in professional kitchens.”



Patrizio Cionfoli (Design Director) is “particularly honored with the two Red Dot Awards and especially for the Best of the Best, that recognizes the value of our projects. I’m honored to work and direct a team of talents from the Studio Volpi Design Team, we expressed the values ​​of the brand of an innovative company like Angelo Po through design, innovation and user experience, we solved technical needs by combining them with the maximum expression of design.

Massimo Battaglia (Senior Industrial Designer):” Dealing with a restyling project of a product that is so important to the customer is always a great challenge full of responsibility. Act.o marks a clear demarcation line with the products of the past both in technological terms and design language, and in fact becomes the new benchmark in the field of new generation combined ovens. This award, associated with the excellent welcome given by the experts, testifies to the excellent work that has been done together with the customer to reach new levels of excellence in the field of professional catering”.

For Nikola Mitrovic (UI Designer) “this recognition is a proof of how user experience and human-machine interaction in general could impact perception of a product. Often professional tools and their interfaces are complex and frightening, but we managed to demonstrate the opposite, providing user friendly and easy to understand environment, as Red Dot jury has declared. Seamless Act.o user experience leaves no other worries to chefs if than making their dishes delicious”. 

Gianmario Volpi (CEO) comments: ”This award demonstrated that our excellence is not only linked to design and engineering but even to innovation in terms of user experience and user interaction. I’m proud of this Award, proud of leading such a future-oriented company, and I can say that being the best is not a goal but a consequence.”

“Our core values are excellence and innovation and the Red Dot Award is a prestigious recognition of the intense effort that our talents deployed for this equipment. In addition, it motivates us to continue in our mission to Enable Memorable Food Experience through high-performing equipment that also offers elegant and functional design” closes Massimo Aleardi, CEO of Angelo Po.