Perspectives Dec 19, 2019

There are no better presents than happiness

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Dear Santa,
I know you’re very busy. You’ve got all those kids’ letters to read, all the presents to wrap-up, the reindeers to tend to…
But this year I’d like my present to be special.
When I’m asked what I want to do when I grow up, apart form being an astronaut, I always think I want to be happy.

There are no better presents than happiness.

Every one of us has talents, every one of us can be happy.
We can write stories and act them out every day of our lives.
We can look at the future with confidence, dreaming about the beautiful things that are in store for us.
We can sew a magic cloth to travel in our minds.
We can have a real taste for life, literally, and be curious about other cultures.
We can fight off the bad things in life, lift heavy weights with the strength of our determination, and dance, dance until we run out of breath.
We can dive into our lives with all our soul, climb mountains and roll-around in the mud without even getting dirty, and sometimes leap into the void, because fortune favours the brave.

Here, dear Santa, this is my wish for all those I love.
I hope they can all be happy.

Merry Christmas!