Innovation May 20, 2020

Immersive User Experience Toolbox presented at IxDA Interaction Week 2020

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At Interaction Week 2020, the event organized by IxDA - Interaction Design Academy, which is the global community related to Interaction Design, Alessandro Sala, Studio Volpi's Lead UX Designer, and professor Andrea Gaggioli, from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, presented the User Experience Toolbox.

The User Experience Toolbox consists in a set of software functionalities, protocols and outputs with the objective of measuring the interaction with products and interfaces in Virtual Reality through unopinionable values: time, movements and velocity.

User testing is a fundamental part of User Experience and Product Design work: using VR as medium to perform user tasting was proven to be similar to real life experiences by users. This allows us to push the boundaries of use testing regardless of limitation in space, money and time, having comparable data to better evaluate the experience of interacting with a product.

The User Experience Toolbox, which is the methodology and process developed for this purpose, has already been used in several real world cases, proving itself as an useful and flexible tool to be used by designer and clients early on in the designing process to test and validate ideas.

Here is the video of User Experience Toolbox presentation.