News Dec 19, 2016

Studio Volpi Christmas Video 2016

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For this year edition of our traditional Christmas video, we documented a very large event we organized in one of the many beautiful squares our country is full of. We wanted to share with you a special moment, a short bit of life where two big reindeers (of 2 meters' height) were built using an origami technique named papercraft. Papercraft is a real, complex and meticulous form of art, which needs lots of wits and a good deal of calculating. Our team worked on such project starting from its 3D, developing then its 2D, cutting and folding tons of small, numbered pieces of paper - over 1,000 per reindeer - assembled then with patience and dedication. digital-agency-design-studio-4 While building such elements, we were unexpectedly helped by common people, who were taking a walk in the square: parents, grandparents and children. Together, we created a great and touching work of art. A moment where the impossible became possible, thanks to the work we did together. digital-agency-design-studio-5 Our biggest and most sincere wishes for a peaceful Christmas and a new year full of positive experiences. Enjoy your watch, Studio Volpi