Work Sep 29, 2016

Students and professionals for a digital-tasting workshop

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Videos as a business tool: this was the main topic of today's workshop, presented by our team to Digital Camp's students. Digital Camp is an initiative which aims at introducing newly-graduates to the digitalization of information and work. A permanent hub, which allows them to increase their digital culture, acquire specific skills and access the job market. digital-agency-design-studio-digital-camp-7 Our Digital, Design and Media & Communication managers showed the students how the video may be used by companies to implement their communication and sales strategy. Taking as an example some videos we realised, we showed them every step of the creative process, from the ideation of a storyboard to the 3D animation, in other words the completion of the video itself. digital-agency-design-studio-digital-camp-2 The class had the opportunity to analyse the dynamics at the basis of the visual contents, starting from the client's requests. We explained how to translate those requests into images capable of inspiring determined sensations, the concept of tone of voice and mood board. We also examined the storytelling phenomenon in depth: like its name suggests, storytelling means telling a story through visual contents, a very actual topic, adopted by several brands as their main communication strategy. digital-agency-design-studio-digital-camp-1 About this point, Digital Camp's professors introduced some concepts of video marketing, where the topics we explained earlier were concretized into market-based examples. Then, during the afternoon we asked the students to work in teams to create a brief teaser trailer about their day in Studio Volpi, using their smartphones. Concluding this exciting workshop, we introduced some key-points of video editing, using the Adobe Premier suite, one of the main tools used for the realization of digital contents. digital-agency-design-studio-digital-camp-3