Work Sep 05, 2016

IFA 2016: electronics becomes smart

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The most important trade show in Europe for consumer electronics reopens from the 2nd of September to the 7th: IFA (or Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin). With more than 10.000 square meters and 300 international exhibitors, IFA represents the perfect occasion to study new market trends and find new opportunity for business development.

Wearables, smartwatches, virtual reality and intelligent home appliances represent some of the main topics of this 2016 edition. Electronics becomes smart: the devices adapt to the dynamism which characterizes our daily lives, allowing us to control remotely, what needed our physical presence before.


A perfect interpretation of this trend is the one of Sharp, which will attend this year's appointment with quite lots of news regarding next generation appliances and very innovative functionalities on the traditional ones. From a fridge which becomes freezer via app, to a dishwasher which opens on its own to let the steam escape, to an oven which allows the user to check the food's temperature on the smartphone, this brand has really interpreted the smart adjective at its best.


A little more spice is added then by three videos, created by Studio Volpi digital team, which will be used during the trade show to explain Sharp's products' functionalities to the visitors.