Work Feb 09, 2016

Studio Volpi design for Sunmile meat mincers line just got released

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In China, meat mincers are broadly widespread in home appliances market, but unfortunately they do not shine for design and aesthetics: indeed, this product category shifts from an extremely heavy industrial design to a more jocular, almost childish one. Therefore, the Chinese company Sunmile asked Volpi Design Studio to redefine the aesthetic lines of this product, in order to create a device capable of standing out in such a vast and competitive market. Our team developed four different models, to be destined to four specific market and cost shares: from the top-range product, with steel finishes and a more sophisticated design, to the basic one, entirely plastic-made. In addition to them, we also created two medium-range models, as well. tritacarne-cinese-product-design-2 This project started with a deep analysis of Sunmile reference market: in China, the style trends of meat mincers are quite orthodox and predictable. Consequently, the biggest part of our job consisted in upsetting their conventional schemes, to create something innovative and fresh, with complete different layouts. Our product design team not only improved the aesthetics of this home appliance, but also its technology, replacing its typical button panel with a multifunctional handle. The inspiration for designing this device came right from the Chinese market analysis: the main trends, which determine consumers' tastes, are mostly about dynamic shapes, where the combination of different materials and finishes create a refined-looking product. In order to make this specific design successful, it was necessary to totally immerse into the Oriental taste, extending our research not only to meat mincers, but to the entire home appliances category, as well. View complete project here