Work Nov 10, 2015

We helped turn Chicco's original design for "Polly Progres5" into an engineering project. Polly Progres5, now on the market!

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Volpi Design Studio helped turn Chicco's original design for "Polly Progress" into an engineering project. One of our engineers joined Chicco's tech department, working in direct contact with the client's team during the initial and final phases of the project. On top of the support with the project's engineering, Volpi Design Studio produced three prototypes, in alignment with the company's focus group. CHICCO POLLY PROGRES5 IS READY!

Here are some pictures of the project: design-studio-chicco-polly-progressdesign-studio-chicco-polly-progress-2design-studio-chicco-polly-progress-5Chicco-polly-progress-design-studio-engineering-studioCHICCO-DESIGN-STUDIO-INDUSTRIAL-DESIGN-2 design-studio-chicco-polly-progress-7 VIEW THE COMPLETE PROJECT HERE