Work Jun 04, 2015

Design & Engineering for Cosmetal / NRA SHOW - Chicago 2015!

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On May 16, two Cosmetal products designed by our studio were presented at the 2015 NRA Show in Chicago (the International Foodservice Marketplace): BOILER TAP & HI-CLASS.

With its more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of innovative drinking water solutions Cosmetal boasts a product range that is amongst the industry's widest, both in terms of the type of water supplied - room temperature, chilled, hot, sparkling - and the models available - for the home, office, public places, professionbal studios and firms, schools, restaurant and bars.

BOILER TAP The water boiler is a new product area for Cosmetal. Until now, cold water, both still and sparkling, has been the company's core business; the new boiler now brings extra-hot water to the fore. In order to meet this challenge we have tried to differentiate and distinguish ourselves from competitors already established in the marketplace by concentrating on the excellence of Italian design to create a product that is both functional and highly aesthetic. The core of the technology used lies above all in the isolation of the hot part, where we have made use of technologies already used in the automotive sector, which is at the forefront of new materials and applications. For Boiler Tap we worked on the design and on the user interface. HI-CLASS Hi-Class, as the name suggests, is a high-end cooler. It features a front panel in black tempered glass with a brushed steel insert and limescale prevention treatment, a water dispensing area that can be adjusted in height, a 128x64 LED display and a soft-touch control panel. The machine dispenses cold, hot and sparkling water; the water temperature and CO2 pressure setting is controlled electronically and can be viewed instantly on the display. The cold water dispensing speed can be adjusted to find the correct balance between continuous performance and speed. Both of these new products are the start of a new cycle of development that we wish to pursue, concentrating on high quality materials and components. We aim for a water dispenser, 'Made in Italy', that incorporates the best technologies available on the Italian and European marketplace. On Hi-Class we concentrated on the design and on the engineering. We designed and shaped plastic and metal components. In particular we studied the sliding and fixing system for the dispenser so it can be positioned at exactly the right height depending on the type of container that needs to be filled. We then designed the front screen fixing system to enable the use of a touch-screen keyboard. We also designed the metal carter together with the machine's cabinet, which is entirely riveted and without any welding. See the complete project