Work May 04, 2015

Our design & branding for Friulinox and Hiber (Ali Group)

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Friulinox and Hiber, from the Ali group, partnered with us in the product design and communication for their top products: HI5 and The One. These bring a unique technology to professional shock freezers as they combine, in a single product, five different functions that extend beyond food preservation, into slow cooking. This innovation is truly revolutionary in meeting and exceeding market expectations. Kitchens become ever smaller and there is an increased need for cost and time optimization. The launch of these products, which come in five different sizes, was supported by dedicated communication with a new logo, a renewed booth and a complete set of support materials. For the client companies, HI5 and The One represent the highest expression of their technical competencies, their ambitions and their vision. HI5 e The ONE sono stati presentati in anteprima al Sigep di Rimini (Salone Internazionale per la Gelateria, Pasticceria e Panificazione). Discover the project design-products-industrial-design-design-studio-milanoproduct-design-industrial-design-design-studio-milano design-studio-milano-product-designdesign-studio-milano-design-made-in-italydesign-studio-milano-product-design-industrial-design