News Jan 25, 2018

DEBING: a thriving partnership

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Our long partnership with DAOS Group has been a fertile ground for some great projects, such as the brand-new Nota Nota - the innovative perfume mixer machine recently launched at the CES in Las Vegas. This partnership got even stronger when we decided to team up for another challenge. As you already know, Debing is our new company based in Chicago and we are very proud to announce that the new Debing website is now online: take a look at the projects we worked on and ask us more about the DEB System and what Debing can do for your business. You can find out more listening to the story of this new company directly from Gianmario Volpi, CEO of Studio Volpi, Andrea Lombardo, CEO of DAOS Group and Davide Paccioretti, Business Manager of Debing.