Work Feb 03, 2015

Chicco launches two new products designed by Studio Volpi

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We are happy and proud to present two new products we have designed for Chicco: DOUBLE PACIFIER HOLDER and PACIFIER CLIP.


A NEW DOUBLE PACIFIER HOLDER This double pacifier holder is a made in Italy product analyzed in the details to guarantee cleanliness and convenience. It is divided in two compartments that hold two pacifiers, doors open independently, so clean and dirty never touch. Strap hangs on bag or stroller handle.


A NEW PACIFIER CLIP The new clip keeps baby's pacifier close by and off the floor. Clasp clips easily to baby's clothes with a hand. Its shape is studied to keep pacifier close to the baby without ruin the clothes. When the baby does not use it its cover keeps it clean. It clips to the pacifier by a velcro zip.

These accessoires have been designed to complement the Physio Shooter range including Physio Air and Physio Comfort engineered by our studio.