News Feb 06, 2014

Design made in Italy won Good Design award 2013

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2013 contributed to make Studio Volpi more and more identified, at international level, as a reference for the design made in Italy. Last year, in fact, 7 of our projects received the GOOD DESIGN AWARD FROM: "The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design" and "The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies" and one received the CHINA SUCCESSFUL DESIGN award. Herebelow, shortly, the GOOD DESIGN AWARD winners: BLISS PEN DRIVE HDMI A Smart-TV device (the first to be launched on the Russian Market) that allows to access the services of portal to watch movies and other programs, and facilitates internet surfing in a convenient and confortable way thanks to a remote control and a wireless mouse. The design made in Italy by Studio Volpi combines the uniqueness of this technology on the russian market with the distinctive feature of an elegant product, in the same time young and technological. NABOO PROFESSIONAL OVEN A medium-high level professional oven, where the winning intuition was to put on a professional cooking device some "generation 2.0 technology": touch programming and interaction with the 'cloud' are Noaboo's strenghts, an oven that allows the New-Access-Era to enter the kitchen. The Studio Volpi design has re-interpreted shapes, volumes and functionalities from LAINOX, to make an high operating device such as an oven installed in a modern catering kitchen appealing. The name itself, NABOO, is self explanatory: borrowed from science fiction, represents the load of innovation and technology the oven is promising. A complete project, where Studio Volpi took care of the following aspects (amomg others): the POSITIONING, the WEB BASED strategy, the CATALOGUES, the presentation of the new oven to the worldwide exibition HOST, supervising and implementing the stand, the communication tools, the interactive tools and the presentation videos. V8E MODULE A dentist chair tablet, integrating part of the revolutionary V8 serie dentist chair from VITALI Dental Units and Chairs, combining a modern and essential design, with ergonomy, ease of use and cleaning; fundamental aspects for such a device. Special focus on the quiver positioning, eased by the pneumatic brake, and on the considerable flexibility of the instruments braces that, thanks to the limit stop, allow a maximum extension of the pipes up to 80 cm plus. NUOVA GRAZIELLA The legendary GRAZIELLA, an iconic bicycle in the 60's, has been compeletely re-thought and re-designed, to revitalize the myth connected to that name but, in the same time, to develop an innovative project able to "promise" state of the art concepts of mobility and design. Up to the 50's the bicycle was representing a "poor" mean of transport, or a sport tool for cycling giants. The bicycle were so far very similar one to the other, with no appeal and "regular/standard" features. The economic boom pushed Mr. Carnielli to ask Rinaldo Donzelli, a designer but, above all, an artist, to invent something absolutely new and extremely different from the concept of bicycle seen so far. This is the same task Studio Volpi had to face 50 years later: keep the original shapes of Graziella, not to lose its uniqueness and recognizability, but develop a modern bicycle, both in terms of style and in terms of usability and perceived, feasible mobility. We revisited every single element of the bicycle, starting from the bicycle frame, that needed to be "modernized" safeguarding the glamour of its distinguishing shape. We worked on shapes, materials, and on any single detail, from the headlights to the bell, from the handlebars to the carrier-bag, to get a bicycle keeping the original charm and offering at the same time unique handling, lightness and modernity characteristics. BABY-FIRST brand identity BABY-FIRST is a prestigeous Chinese brand of baby products. Together with the development and the design of few among their flagship products, we worked on the re-launch of the brand image, intervening on all the aspect. First of all we reworkd the logo, giving BABY-FIRST a distinctive and easily recognisable identity, in line with the vision of the brand, strictly linked to the design made in Italy. This project won also the CHINA SUCCESSFUL DESIGN award. HUB brand identity Hub parking technology is a business unit of the FAAC group, developing, producing and installing toll parking control systems branded FAAC, ZEAG and DATAPARK, and provides service and assistance to the systems themselves. Studio Volpi handled the brand creation and all the aspects related to its launch and advertising, identifying the company name, its pay-off, the communication mood and the tools related to it, incuding the creation of the Web Site. Volpi Design Studio