Perspectives Apr 11, 2018

Housewares Show Chicago 2018: trend, art and human technology on display

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Held once a year in Chicago, it is one of the most visionary shows dedicated to the house and the ways to live it: the International Home + Housewares Show of Chicago.

It is not by chance that the Housewares Chicago presentation is all about art strictly connected to technology and engineering: a smART house where trends intertwine with modern daily needs. 


Here’s a selection of the most interesting and contemporary projects we could admire during the 2018 Housewares Show:

ASPARA, by Grow Green

The mini hydroponic veggie grower for fresh vegetables also in apartments


Houses are getting smaller, and the time and space that one can dedicate to a veggie garden are more and more limited. Still, we long for nature and we do not want to give up healthy food.

Grow Green is the perfect solution, a small high-tech hydroponic veggie garden: one just needs to add water, turn on the light (integrated and including a sunset-sunrise simulator) and wait for nature to do its job.


The mug that controls the temperature of our beverages


Ember sets the perfect temperature based on the user’s preferences. A simple, intuitive technology conceived and designed to meet everyone’s tastes and expectations.


Home under a new light


The number of light switches is cut down while control of the house lights is amplified: once the life-style scenarios are set, one single ‘touch’ is enough to control all lights. And the product range wouldn’t be complete without the ‘travel light” and ‘night light’ settings, the latter dedicated to children and parents.


Airbnb-proof Smart locks


A trend we have already seen at the latest Appliances & Electronics World Expo 2018 in Shanghai: they work offline, eliminate keys (and the risk of losing them) and, of course, they meet Airbnb’s new requirements for check-in, check-out and guest safety.


Here's a brief interview to find out more about these projects