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  • Work Oct 05, 2015

    Engineering for W&H: Lisa Sterilizer now on the market!

    W&H is one of the main productors of dental products and instruments for dentist. One of their most important product is the sterilizer. For their newest sterilizer model, the austrian W&H designer, drew some sketches for the aesthetic of the shells. Engineering is made by Volpi Design Studio. The Studio transformed those sketches in 3D models, industrialized all the shells, developed them for mold injection and planned with W&H the process of assembling and production.

  • News Apr 05, 2015

    Studio Volpi product design at IDS 2015 FAIR!

    The IDS (International Dental Show) held every two years in Cologne, Germany, is the world’s leading trade fair in the dental industry, showcasing all the innovation in the various fields. Rotograph Prime was a noted innovation at IDS2015, and international markets are now awaiting its commercial launch!

  • Innovation Nov 15, 2019

    Design, UX and Psychology: how to give birth to a project

    Having a multidisciplinary approach is fundamental in the development phase of a project. In this case, psychology has made an important contribution to improving the prototype of an innovative medical device.