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  • Work Feb 03, 2015

    Chicco launches two new products designed by Studio Volpi

    We are happy and proud to present two new products we have designed for Chicco: DOUBLE PACIFIER HOLDER and PACIFIER CLIP.

  • News Jun 27, 2014

    Spanish tv "Canal Sur" and our designer Juan Carlos Quiñones about design made in Italy

    The emotional and aestetical value" says Juan Carlos "has a very strong valence in our society. Milan is a 'design craddle', made of schools, universities, associations, publishing houses; these important bricks are, among others, able to keep the design made in Italy on the top of worldwide excellence"

  • News Feb 06, 2014

    Design made in Italy won Good Design award 2013

    2013 contributed to make Studio Volpi more and more identified, at international level, as a reference for the design made in Italy.

  • Innovation Jul 09, 2018

    About HoloLens: will it really change design?

    What are the real applications in the design process of Microsoft’s HoloLens? Our team had the opportunity to test this technology, and we have a pretty clear idea of ​​what will happen.

  • News Oct 31, 2019

    WIDC & IDWE 2019

    What we did, what we saw and what we learned from these two important Chinese events dedicated to industrial design

    Studio Volpi has been one of the protagonists of the World Industrial Design Conference and of the Industrial Design World Expo in Yantai (China), two big events which provided interesting insights into Chinese trends and highlighted how Made in Italy is still highly appreciated and taken as an example.

  • Innovation Dec 17, 2019

    Innovation Manager Certificate

    Studio Volpi professionists received the Certificate of recognition as Innovation Manager by MISE (Ministero Italiano dello Sviluppo Economico)

    The certificate follows the appointment of Studio Volpi managers as “Innovation Manager”, who were authorized by MISE to support SMEs and business networks on projects related to Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0

  • Innovation Mar 11, 2020

    Safety First: Children on board

    When it comes to children, safety is a mandatory,  that's why when we created three baby car seats ranges for the company BabyFirst, "safety" had always been the main aspect and we developed the products accordingly

  • News Mar 24, 2020

    No Country Is An Island, Entirely by Itself


    In today’s world, problems confronting us are all global challenges that no country can manage alone or stand aloof from.

  • News Apr 02, 2020

    Smart work, smart ideas: 3D-printed visors to help healthcare workers

    Carlo Blumer, Lab and Prototyping Specialist at Studio Volpi, has created a visor with 3D printers to protect against coronavirus infection, available free of charge to all those who request it.

  • Perspectives Apr 10, 2020

    From competitiveness culture to fully trust culture


    Gianmario Volpi, CEO, explains how in this special moment we have to learn that we don’t need to win every challenge on our own, but we deserve to build thriving partnerships and be happy.
    To “fully trust" will be the competitive asset we can build our future on.

  • News May 12, 2020


    In these unprecedented times, as events, fairs and trade-show are postponed or cancelled and most of the traditional retail spaces and showrooms are closed to safeguard the health of the world’s population, the need for a more technological and digital approach to space design arises

  • Innovation Sep 21, 2020

    Technologies and innovations to ensure infants’ safety: Baby First Smart Carrier

    When it comes to children, safety is not to be underestimated: thanks to the latest innovations it’s possible to design smart products that ensure the security of babies and support parents monitoring the well being of their children.
    Read more in the article.