Widen the tech vision

Make the most of the latest technologies to create winning, innovative products.

Our mechanical lab has grown into the Innovation Lab: a physical place where digital technologies are tested and developed in order to reach the highest control levels and usability. Despite our passion for technology itself, we strongly believe that it must fulfill real human needs and create outstanding human experiences.


A doer approach

We constantly research and keep up-to-speed of what is needed in terms of new technologies, electronics, mechanics and software in order to transform every project in a winning product. While understanding the project, we estimate industrialization time and costs, and look for performance optimization opportunities too.

From the idea to the thing

The possible scenarios are defined, selected and prototyped. We deliver personalized solutions working side by side with the client: through physical or virtual prototyping, we assess technical solutions and aesthetics, in order to select and define the best performing outcome.

Ensuring safety

To be present on the global market means to provide greatest guarantee on products. Thanks to our direct contacts with the certification authorities we partner with, we prepare all the necessary documentation from the early stages and provide a reactive, immediate and efficient response to potential complications or requirements.

Effortless go-to-market process

We bring you the people that will infuse the project with the most advanced technologies, and bring it to industrialization. We ensure the smoothest and most effective transition from the development stage to actual production.