• Perspectives Oct 26, 2015

    Host Milano 2015

    We went to greet some of our clients. They were presenting the products we helped them develop with our design, engineering and branding expertise.

  • Perspectives Apr 19, 2015

    Salone del mobile 2015

    Our designers went to Milan’s “Salone del Mobile” looking for inspiration and new ideas for appliances, furniture and lighting. There’s a definite trend towards a more sustainable lifestyle, and a clear shift in demand that reflects the changes in our homes and in the way we perceive the world. In reaction to this trend there’s a definite going back to basics: clean lines, natural materials, and minimal shapes. We’re rediscovering nature: natural landscapes and shapes that mimic leaves and branches. Purity and simplicity are back. Wood is now the favourite material both in the objects and in the booths’ architecture with a widespread use of wooden pallets and planks.

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