• Work Mar 04, 2016

    Can we buy you a beer?

    We were asked to execute a mechanical analysis for the development of a beer tapping system: the company wanted to create two models of the same equipment, in order to sell them in different markets. Marc Thorpe designed for Vinservice one of them, exclusively for the North-American and Canadian market, while the other one had been projected for Italy and the international market, more generally.

  • Work Feb 09, 2016

    Studio Volpi design for Sunmile meat mincers line just got released

    The Chinese company Sunmile asked Studio Volpi to redefine the aesthetic lines of this product, in order to create a device capable of standing out in such a vast and competitive market.

  • Work Nov 10, 2015

    We helped turn Chicco's original design for "Polly Progres5" into an engineering project. Polly Progres5, now on the market!

    One of our engineers joined Chicco's tech department, working in direct contact with the client's team during the initial and final phases of the project.

  • Work Oct 05, 2015

    Engineering for W&H: Lisa Sterilizer now on the market!

    W&H is one of the main productors of dental products and instruments for dentist. One of their most important product is the sterilizer. For their newest sterilizer model, the austrian W&H designer, drew some sketches for the aesthetic of the shells. Engineering is made by Volpi Design Studio. The Studio transformed those sketches in 3D models, industrialized all the shells, developed them for mold injection and planned with W&H the process of assembling and production.

  • Work Sep 22, 2015

    Product design for Baby First at Kind + Jugend Exhibition in Koln

    Our chinese client Baby First presented the new collection of baby car seats at the KIND + JUGEND Exhibition in Koln. This product design is made by Volpi Design Studio & Max-Inf. Running from the 10th – 13th September, the show is the leading global trade show for children’s first years. Here a few pictures of the new fabrics: colourful, lively, modern.

  • Work Jul 29, 2015

    Studio Volpi Design, Engineering and Branding showreel 2014 - 2015

    This showreel includes a selection of our latest projects, to keep you posted on the our last year's actitivity. Enjoy it!

  • Work Jun 04, 2015

    Design & Engineering for Cosmetal / NRA SHOW - Chicago 2015!

    On May 16, two Cosmetal products designed by our Studio were presented at the 2015 NRA Show in Chicago (the International Foodservice Marketplace): BOILER TAP & HI-CLASS.

  • Work May 22, 2015

    Engineering at the service of Design

    Paola Lenti - a long time client of Studio Volpi - can certainly combine design, style and colour with outdoor life. For her, the Studio has lead complex engineering projects on outdoor sun shelters such as the acclaimed Pavilion, Cabanne and Resort models.

  • Work May 04, 2015

    Our design & branding for Friulinox and Hiber (Ali Group)

    Friulinox and Hiber, from the Ali group, partnered with Volpi Design Studio in the product design and communication for their top products: HI5 and The One. These bring a unique technology to professional shock freezers as they combine, in a single product, five different functions that extend beyond food preservation, into slow cooking. This innovation is truly revolutionary in meeting and exceeding market expectations.

  • Work Feb 03, 2015

    Chicco launches two new products designed by Studio Volpi

    We are happy and proud to present two new products we have designed for Chicco: DOUBLE PACIFIER HOLDER and PACIFIER CLIP.

  • Work May 27, 2014

    Burlodge logo restyling and advertorial

    We cooperated with Burlodge on the logo restyling and on the creation of an advertorial about the product RTS HL. We have chosen a fresh, colorful and modern style.

  • Work Apr 16, 2014

    Intertraffic Fair Amsterdam / Design & Communication for HUB Parking Technology (Faac + Zeag + Datapark)

    The presentation of the newborn Company HUB during the Intertraffic exhibition (Amsterdam, end of March) was a great success. HUB is the result of the combination of three important companies such as FAAC, DATAPARK and ZEAG; and it is standing out on the market thanks to the strong investment made in technological innovation, research, advanced design, corporate image, web solutions and interactive systems.