New blends of style


Coffee machines

Established in 1895, the Turin-based company is owned by the Lavazza family for four generations and is one of the most important roasters in the world, leader in Italy. With its innovative technology, Lavazza developed the expansion of the vending and OCS commerce, distributing worldwide more than 2,5 million Espresso Point and Blue coffee machines. 


Assigned task


Over the years, we were assigned the design of several Lavazza coffee machines. Sometimes we defined the aesthetic of the product, some other times we also developed the brewing unit and the user interface.



Every project came with its specific issues and complexities. In one case the design had to take in consideration regular updates both on aesthetic and features. On another occasion, the follow- up model had to be at the same time cheaper, smaller, better performing (simpler and with extra functionality) and more appealing in terms of visual design and user experience. 



We approached every brief with the aim of creating products which were unique. While respecting mechanics and features of the objects and the style of the brand, we designed coffee machines that have a strong personality, combining shapes, materials and colours, inspired by Italian classic icons from car, fashion and furnishing industries.