• News Dec 19, 2017

    Winter seeds / Merry Christmas from Studio Volpi

    Everyone has the potential for greatness, but there is so much more we can achieve, as a whole. Life is not a solo act. / We wish you and your beloved ones to spend a wonderful Christmas time, together.

  • News Nov 28, 2017

    We are looking for a Senior Industrial Designer

    We are looking for an engaged and experienced Senior Industrial Designer in order to create new innovative products in a global environment and increase company's core competencies.

  • News Nov 17, 2017

    Patric Sandri for Studio Volpi / Art Calendar 2018 Issue #3

    Studio Volpi is very glad to announce that the third issue of the Studio Volpi Art Calendar features a well known contemporary artist with a peculiar approach to art: Patric Sandri.

  • News Oct 18, 2017

    We are looking for a Brand Strategist - Copywriter!

    As a part of our strategy of growth and internationalization, we are looking for an engaged and experienced Brand strategist - Copywriter.

  • News Oct 04, 2017

    DEBING: A new strategic partner in Chicago

    Studio Volpi is going global. Our partnership with DAOS Group is getting even stronger with the opening of Debing, a new corporation based in Chicago.

  • News Sep 20, 2017

    We are looking for an Android/iOS app developer!

    As a part of our strategy of growth and internationalization, we are looking for an engaged and experienced APP Developer ANDROID/iOS (3-5 years of experience).

  • News Aug 01, 2017

    Summer vacations!

    Our offices will be closed for summer vacations from 7th of August to 18th. We are certain that this will be a good time for all of us to recharge our batteries, spending more time with family and friends.

  • News Mar 28, 2017

    Good Design awards have arrived today!

    Two awards have been assigned respectively to two cooker hoods we realized for Faber, main Italian leader in the production of extractor fans: Tower and Corinthia...

  • News Mar 28, 2017

    Corriere della sera (La nuvola del lavoro) talks about us

    "For us Quarry Up is a place to grow up design talents and projects. It's a new source for Studio Volpi, whose beating heart is making innovation...

  • News Mar 28, 2017

    Celli Group publication #42: innovation starts here

    Born from a partnership between the Milan design studio Volpi and the expert research and development team of Cosmetal, this model anticipated trends with the introduction, for the first time ever, of new materials and advanced electronics functions...

  • News Mar 07, 2017

    “15 minutes to jump in” a special event for creators and their ideas

    On the 24th of March, Quarry Up is planning “15 minutes to Jump In”, a special event during which project creators will be offered the opportunity of presenting and testing in person their own digital idea, in front of a group of professionals...

  • News Feb 01, 2017

    Quarry UP has officially started!

    The inaugural event for Quarry UP presentation was a real success. We welcomed lots of curious and enterprising young people in Studio Volpi and Quarry UP headquarters in a buzzing and festive atmosphere: we told them how this project was first ideated and what we would like it to become in the future, starting from this year with its focus on digital applied to industry.